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About Veda Rose

Veda Rose is actually my sweet grandmother's name. I, Sarah Rose, just so happened to marry someone with the last name Rose. Funny how life aligns things. My Nona, Veda Rose, is my whole heart. She has been a constant encourager in my life, so it only seemed fitting to name my shop after her. Growing up, having Veda Rose as my grandmother, was the inspiration and foundation of this idea. I was raised on tea parties, amazing hand-built doll houses, porcelain baby dolls, and all the other wonderful things that little girls love. Being a woman is having the freedom to express all the lovely things in life. Veda Rose has impacted me wholeheartedly. I want to continue her legacy by providing women with an outlet to embrace their femininity, the way she has allowed me to do.

- Sarah Rose, owner of Veda Rose.



    Veda Rose is an ongoing dream of mine. A way to welcome femininity. I've always been drawn to the beautiful, dainty things. The pinks, the frills, and all the flowers. I am continually inspired by women being women. Veda Rose is a place where women can embrace the girly things in life. To embody a lifestyle of chic womanhood.

    - Sarah Rose, owner of Veda Rose.